Friday, July 1, 2016

Does Size Matter?

Yes and No.  Are we talking weapons of war or love?  I’m talking art and architecture and although bigger almost always has more impact, it doesn’t necessarily have more quality, heart, or appropriateness, or a host of other attributes.  In fact smaller often equates to greater intensity in some ways and has certainly proved to be capable of holding its own impact-wise.  Consider a poem or short story versus an epic novel.  Consider a Goya print versus a large mural - even Guernica.
I am often approached by potential clients with an apology that their project is so small that I might not be truly interested in it.  My response is always the same:  I’m not nearly so concerned with the size of the project as I am with the size of the client’s personal interest and commitment in the project.
Speaking of small projects, I’m just now beginning conceptualizing the invigoration of an existing courtyard near Geyserville.  A house and a garage sandwich the open space between them and there are views out the two remaining sides, but as built there is just no “there there.”  The possible solution shown here envisions a pair of octagonal sitting areas: one completely open and shaded only with an umbrella and the other wind protected and partially enclosed with sectional glass doors and a Kalwall roof assembly.  On calm days the doors can roll up under the roof allowing the courtyard to be open from end to end.  With a little good fortune we may end up with two “theres there.”

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