Monday, September 1, 2014

Temporary Contemporary

Obie will be showing 42 drawings as part of a group show at the Temporary Contemporary Gallery in Sacramento from September 11 to September 28, 2014.  The Opening Night Reception and Talk will be held on September 11 from 6-9 and the Second Saturday Reception is September 13 from 4-9 pm.  The Gallery hours are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 4 – 8 pm and Sunday, noon to 3 pm.  
Here is the artist statement and several images from the show.
These drawings are primarily from three series: Biomorphic Images, With and Without Memory, and Ten Artists of Consequence. The former two are related to rhythms of nature, influences of our primeval DNA, and notions of co-existence with fellow life forms. 
The biomorphic drawings begin with at least the germ of a compositional idea and evolve from there – taking on their own growth pattern as the work proceeds. The memory and artist drawings are much more pre-composed and the final study is hung below each finished drawing.
The drawing technique is predominantly pen and ink, although graphite and ink or watercolor wash are sometimes used.  The specific approach becomes an important partner with the representational aspects of the work…  Some drawings are inclined more in one direction than others, but ultimately (as observed by Jerald Silva) the most comprehensive reality of a particular drawing may simply be: “It is itself.”

Biomorphic Images 35, 37, and 39

I Still Remember, Louis Sullivan Contemplating Coexistance, and Io Sto Rinchiuso (2)

Rico Lebrun Thinking, Jerald Silva, and Anders Zorn

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