Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Television Coverage

Four of our houses are being filmed this week by the well-respected British documentary production company, Pioneer Productions, and will be part of the Extreme Homes International TV program series for Home and Garden Television (HGTV).  We will announce the airing dates on Facebook.

The houses (shown here along with the film crew) are Oregon Coast House (Gold Beach), Tin Roof (The Sea Ranch), Sonoma Coast House (The Sea Ranch), and the Johnson Residence (Dry Creek Valley).

We have a little trouble thinking of these places as extreme – really, they are just quite thoughtful…trying to make the most out of their circumstance – and ever mindful of the larger world (landscape) around them.

 Publicity is always nice although it has never had much affect on either our approach to architecture or our ability to get new and appropriate clients.  Clients are, of course, the life blood of any viable practice and we are always particularly helpful and responsive to any publicity opportunities that come our way.

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