Sunday, September 30, 2012

ARTrails Open Studio

Our studio will be participating in the 2012 ARTrails Open Studios event with our studio open for touring on two consecutive weekends, October 13-14 and 20-21.  Nearly all Obie's original drawings from the last two years will be on display.  All drawings will be available for sale as well as limited edition prints of some of his earlier work.  The work can be grouped into seven general categories as described by Obie:
Flower Sketches
Graphite with felt marker sketches of some of my favorite flowers.
Ten Architects of Consequence
Some of the architects who have made an impression on me.
Biomorphic Images
Searches into our connectedness with organic life while allowing the drawing itself to evolve in the process.
Architecture Related
Old pieces of construction and related objects that have caught my eye.
Pairs of Figures
Male and female couples in compositional relation to one another.


With or Without Memory

 Compositions related to the Biomorphic Images series, but incorporating familiar imagery including figures, architecture, text, biomorphic forms, and color.

Ten Artists of Consequence
I've just begun this series of some of the artists who have made an impression on me.





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